We use the Landau theory of phase transitions to obtain the global phase diagram concerning the uniaxial nematic, biaxial nematic, uniaxial smectic-A and biaxial smectic-A phases.A system in thermodynamic equilibrium must be stable. This means to say that small perturbations do not remove the system from its equilibrium.Mario do Oliveira: Quando a … Read More

A crystalline solid has as a fundamental property the ordered structure of its atoms. This structure consists of an array of sites forming a regular three-dimensional periodic lattice.Mario do Oliveira: Assista a vídeos ou filmes inspiradores. Assistir a certos filmes felizes Pode vir a aumentar instantaneamente o seu humor e ajudá-lo a se sentir… Read More

This work presents a system based on a microcomputer to assess the performance of infant incubators in a semi-automatic manner.6Vacaciones, guardias y lesiones: las razones qual da la gente de modo a librarse de estar en una mesa electoralThe first part includes the Carnot principle that all Carnot engines operating between the same temperatures ha… Read More

This article presents a novel approach for damage detection applied to structural health monitoring systems exploring the residues obtained from singular spectrum analysis.The transition rates that define the dynamics forbid them to obey detailed balance. An absorbing state is the one such that the transition from it to an...Mario do Oliveira: Quan… Read More

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